Boss Protocol empowers brands to unlock the full potential of the blockchain, with a platform designed to help bring new projects to life using NFTs! Boss Protocol provides a turnkey solution to create content and mint NFTs specifically designed to be enhanced and redeemed, with the ability to unlock both digital content and physical merchandise.  Whether you are promoting a single release or seek continuity programs that tie together drops, our NFTs are the ultimate “golden ticket,” providing consumers with rewards and ongoing value fueled by the blockchain.
Boss Protocol has solutions designed to connect your business to the blockchain…

Boss Protocol NFTs allow for expanded story-telling and the ability to deliver original content to enhance existing stories, characters, and fan experiences.

From beta access to pre-order to DLC to consumables, Boss Protocol has in-game solutions that deliver real value to players and new revenue streams to Publishers.

Provide new ways to create and sell music using the blockchain. Boss Protocol can identify existing fans and create branded rewards after concerts and purchases.

Unlock physical and digital content with our NFTs to create interactive books and media that can grow and adapt over time, delivering ongoing value to your customer.

With Boss Protocol NFTs you can now pre-order and sell physical goods using NFTs, with customized products like art and memorabilia that are tied to each NFT owned.

We partner with high-profile brands to create digital integrations and blockchain-based eco-systems that allow Boss Protocol to bring new projects to life.

Every Boss Protocol NFT can redeem physical items, grant discounts, and even unlock real utility across the Metaverse with exclusive downloadable content tied to other projects. With the Boss Protocol platform you can:
– Grant physical rewards tied to ownership of the NFT
– Create ongoing subscriptions that unlock future content
– Provide multiple layers of content gating and access 
– Deploy eco-systems tied to products, games, and more
Some of the projects we’ve created…powered of the blockchain!
We couldn’t do it without you…
You’ve never met a more wretched hive of scum and villainy…
Michael Stassus
Creative Director

Michael Stassus has more than 20 years of creative direction on hundreds of digital and physical collectibles, as well as work on horror projects like Friday the 13th and for clients including Walmart, Microsoft, Sony, EA, Nintendo & others.

Art Director

Hobbs has contributed to an array of film, gaming, and media projects, providing art direction and other creative input from concepts to art direction, including for internationally-distributed magazines like Geek, Play, and more.

Michael Eisenberg

Michael Eisenberg has worked with a variety of high-profile brands and companies in his 30 year career, including Lionsgate, as well as contributing to marketing and planning for Konami, Ubisoft, Bandai, and Bethesda in the gaming space.

Taylor White

As owner of genre art and publishing house Creature Features, Taylor White brings over 40 years of experience in producing incredible art and collections from legends like Miles Teves, Drew Struzan, Gris Grimley, and others.

Lee Babin

Lee Babin has been involved in a wide range of technologies within the tech sector for nearly 2 decades. He has a passion for video games and is currently steering Boss Protocol's overall Blockchain technology plans.

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