How is Boss Protocol involved with the Hellraiser chapter of Dead by Daylight?

Boss Protocol has the official license to create NFTs based on Hellraiser using the in-game models that were created for Dead by Daylight.  The company worked with Boss Team Games who controls certain interactive rights to Hellraiser from Park Avenue Entertainment and worked with Behaviour Interactive to bring Hellraiser and Pinhead to Dead by Daylight.  

Will any Dead by Daylight content be locked behind a Boss Protocol NFT or require a Boss Protocol NFT to access?

No.  The access granted via some of the Pinhead NFTs in this collection is to the Hellraiser chapter of Dead by Daylight on PC and there is no other DBD content that can be unlocked with the NFT.  The NFTs exist as unique digital collectibles and have added benefits like rewarding certain owners with signed collectibles, and other benefits that will be revealed and delivered in the future.

Will the Boss Protocol NFTs be required to unlock Doug Bradley’s voice in the Hellraiser chapter of DBD?

No.  The NFTs will not unlock Doug Bradley’s voice in the Dead by Daylight game.  We did get Doug to record some original lines for the NFT but they will not be accessible in the game.

Are the Boss Protocol NFTs the reason that Pinhead’s voice was removed from the game?

No.  Boss Protocol has nothing to do with the content in the game.

Will the Hellraiser NFTs have other uses?

Yes.  Certain Pinhead NFTs will unlock access to Hellraiser collectibles and all of them will entitle their owners (on a future date) to additional NFTs (like the Lament Configuration Box) at no cost.  The Pinhead NFT will also grant access to new content (unrelated to Dead by Daylight) in the future.  For instance, the Pinhead NFT will allow owners to unlock the character in other games that are now in development.

Will Hellraiser be the only NFT that Boss Protocol makes?

No.  We are working with many other properties in film, gaming, music, and traditional media.  The goal with each of these is to bring unique digital collectibles to NFT collectors that also can be redeemed for access to content that wouldn’t otherwise exist.  We’ll be announcing some of these integrations and future NFTs in the near future.

Will other horror characters be added to the Masters of Horror?

Yes.  We will be revealing new releases soon and can’t wait to reveal some of the familiar names involved with the Masters of Horror collection.

Is Boss Protocol related to Boss Team Games?

Boss Protocol and Boss Team Games are completely different companies but do work closely together (and share a logo!).  Boss Team Games is a games publisher and Boss Protocol is focused on creating NFTs that provide additional access to content and other redemptions.  There are multiple reasons it was set up this way (licensing and other) but there should be no confusion that the two companies share an address and some common goals.

Why haven’t I heard of Boss Protocol before?

We are a new company created by a group with decades of experience in the licensing, gaming, film, and media spaces who have a keen interest in genre entertainment.  We’ve been working on various elements of this project for more than a year and we’re excited to finally be able to deliver it to collectors and fans.

Why NFTs?

We think NFTs, especially the kind we’re working on, are an exciting new type of collectible that can open the door to all kinds of opportunities to provide real ownership of digital content.  All of the NFTs we’re creating are going to deliver content, physical merchandise, and one-of-a-kind access that we can’t wait to tell you more about.